Maid Uniforms For Sale

Posted on December 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM

maid uniforms for sale

Housekeeping Staff Uniforms

Housekeeping and hotel cleaning specialist benefit is demanding work. Orient Textiles and Uniforms Suppliers make it simple for you by outfitting your staff in comfortable but sharp looking housekeeping and cleaning specialist uniforms that compliments your establishment.


Orient Uniforms selection of hotel and front work area uniform shirts options offer contemporary styles, a great variety of hues, functionality and simplicity of consideration. These shirt options don't end at our site as throughout the years we have partnered with more than 200 shirt suppliers which enables us to offer and perpetual cluster of quality hotel and front work area uniform shirts. We realize it is important to our customers that the shirt style, shading, and size is accessible all year and our selection reflects this.


Your staffs at the front work area are one of the first impressions your guests get in touching base at your property. Outfitting them in sharp looking vests adds class and demonstrable skill to your operation. Including your logo is a decent touch also. If it's not too much trouble enable us to create a value quotation for you to consider

Suits and Sweaters

Complete the look of your front work area staff with our perfectly sized and reasonable jackets and sweaters. The new textures we offer are machine launderable yet resemble a launder complete when worn and they pay for themselves in diminished cleaning bills. It would be ideal if you contact and request an example for your evaluation.


Orient uniform and Textiles Pakistan frill pulls your look together. Accentuate your look with our best extras, for example, ties, neckties, scarves, suspenders, cummerbunds, button spreads and more.

Kindly contact us. Orient Textiles and Uniforms Pakistan.